Enrollment Fees and Forms

       Limitless Homeschool Enrichment 2020/2021

Limitless Homeschool Enrichment Pre-Enrollment Fees:  (Pre-enrollment is NON-REFUNDABLE make checks payable to Limitless)

           •         Through April 30: $75 for one student, $55 for the 2nd student, $45 for the 3rd                                 student, $35 for the 4th student, $25 for each additional student

           •         Between May 1 and May 31:  $100 for one student, $85 for the 2nd student, $75 for                           the 3rd student, $65 for the 4th student, $55 for each additional student

           •         Between June 1 and June 30:  $125 for one student, $95 for the 2nd student, $85 for                       the 3rd student, $75 for the 4th student, $65 for each additional student

           •         Between July 1 and July 31:  Enrollment in July Contact LHE at                                                           limitlessokche@gmail.com. Enrollment in July is: $150 for one student, $115 for                             the 2nd student, $100 for the 3rd student, $85 for the 4th student and $75 for each                           additional student

  • After July 31:  Course enrollment deadline has passed. (Late enrollment by special approval only.)  Enrollment in August is: $200 for one student, $135 for the 2nd student, $125 for the 3rd student, $115 for the 4th student and $100 for each additional student

    * Enrollment at any time during the school year has to be approved by Administration and

       the full amount of the Late enrollment fees still apply


           •         August 19 – Classes begin!!

A. Pre-Enrollment Steps:

Pre-Enrollment Fee Included With Limitless Homeschool Enrichment:

           1.        Families must pre-enroll with Limitless BEFORE enrolling in any courses.

           2.        Pre-enrollment includes signing up for monitor time slots at “Monitor Hours.”                                  Parents must serve as a monitor for 2 shifts PER STUDENT PER SEMESTER:                                  Morning shift 8:25 am-12:15 pm; Afternoon shift 12:15-3:50pm. Students whose                              parents do not sign up to volunteer will not be allowed to pre-enroll. Please                                      contact the Director if you have questions or conflicts. Any adult, whether teaching                        or monitoring, who will be on the property during school hours, must have an OSBI                        background check. Your pre-enrollment fee covers the cost of one adult per family.                          If you think you’ll share monitor duties with another adult in the family,                                              please include an extra $15 and a separate OSBI form.

           3.        Fill out the sign the four “Pre-enrollment Forms” on this page:

                     (a) Parent and Student Contract  

                     (b) Family Enrollment Form,

                     (c) Waver & Release of Liability

                     (d) OSBI Criminal Check **ONLY fill out the Subject Information portion**:

                               Fill out the Subject Information portion of the form and download it to

                                your computer, then create an email to us with subject the line "OSBI"and                                        attach the form, along with a copy of your Driver's License, to the email by                                        uploading it from your computer and send it to us.


                     (e) Course Enrollment Form


           4.        Complete all four pre-enrollment forms with all designated signatures.

           5.        Upon confirmation via email that family has been pre-enrolled, students may enroll                        in Limitless courses.

           6.        After July 31, 2020 course enrollment is closed (August enrollment by special board                        approval only).

B. Official Enrollment In Limitless Courses:

**Limitless pre-enrollment does not guarantee student’s enrollment in specific course(s).  Enrollment in specific classes is NOT guaranteed.  Class enrollment is on a first come basis. If your preferred class is already full by the time you enroll, you will be automatically enrolled in your alternative choice.

           1.        Carefully read course information including grade level, prerequisites, & additional                        requirements at Course Descriptions on the website.

           2.        Instructors will only enroll students that have been confirmed as pre-enrolled with                          Limitless.

           3.        The course instructor will contact you via email as we get closer to the beginning                            of the school year.

           4.        Instructors must receive the first month’s tuition and the first semester’s materials                          fee (if applicable) BEFORE a student is considered officially enrolled in their                                    classes. This payment is nonrefundable since the instructor is reserving a spot for                          the student and beginning to make lesson plans and purchase materials based on                          your student’s attendance.

           5.        Course payments must be mailed,or given, directly to instructors. Some instructors                        may have other payment options, such as Cash App, for payment, as well.

           6.        Each course instructor may have additional enrollment requirements. For example,                        many instructors require a signed contract before a student is considered officially                        enrolled.

           7.        After July 31, 2020, course enrollment is closed ( August enrollment by special                                board approval only).

           8.        Instructors will confirm official course enrollment via email once all of instructor’s                          requirements have been completed.

Questions? limitlessokche@gmail.com