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Parent Monitors

As parents of Limitless students, we are required to volunteer as a monitor for one shift per semester per student enrolled.  


In order to be considered officially enrolled in LHE, parents are required to sign up for both semesters’ shifts in advance.  


Parents, click here to sign up for monitor shifts.  It is understood that sometimes the shift may have to be changed due to conflicting schedules. 

Parents may change monitor shifts if necessary, but both first semester and second semester monitor shifts must be on the LHE calendar prior to the first day of class, August 15th.  If you need to change shifts please contact Tanis Moss at

It is crucial that we have 3 monitors per shift per day. We need people in place, however, if a parent is absolutely unable to volunteer on Wednesdays due to work conflicts, please contact Tanis Moss at

Monitor Hours

Morning:      8:10am - 12:00pm

Afternoon:   12:00pm - 3:50pm

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